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5 reasons to Move to Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is home to expatriates from over 200 nations. In facts, Emiratis make up only over 10% of the United Arab emirates’ population, making U.A.E. home to one of the world’s largest expat populations. Located on the south-west coast of the U.A.E., along the Arabian Sea, Dubai is the largest and most populous city in the country. Dubai is a hub for technology and trade developments and has a GDP per capita of over 44,000 USD. Impressive, right?

Apart from being economically progressive and home to some of the best attractions in the world, the people of Dubai are warm and welcoming. You will feel ‘at home’.

Here are five reasons why you should consider moving to Dubai in the near future:

  1. Tax-Free Lifestyle: Yup, the government will not eat away chunks of your salary! Untaxed salaries, along with untaxed food and shopping, makes Dubai a great place to be in. News has it though, that come early 2018 GCC countries will be introducing a VAT tax. This move is partially due to falling oil prices and the uncertainty of the oil and gas industry’s future. Nevertheless, you won’t be burdened with a whole bunch of taxes in the very near future.
  2. Advanced Technology and City Planning: One of the most intriguing things you’ll notice, if you spend a while here, is that despite Dubai’s rather iconic location in the middle of the desert and limited resources (save for petroleum, of course) the city has managed to catch up with the rest of the world and even surpass a lot of the competition within the past 40-ish years, by the use of extreme technology. From paying municipality bills, to checking your recent public transport usage history- it can all be done online. From cloud seeding (and making it rain in the middle of the summer) to the driverless metro- you name it; Dubai does make a very efficient use of technology.
  3. Proximity to the rest of the world: Situated between Europe and Asia, Dubai serves as the midpoint of some of the most iconic destinations of the world. A sub 6-ish hour flight could get you to pretty much any destination in Central Europe, India and South-East Asia.
  4. Immersion of Culture: I started off the article talking about this. It is, in fact, one of the best parts of staying in Dubai. With a majority of the population consisting of expats, living in Dubai offers you the opportunity to learn about various cultures, religions and of course, their local cuisines.
  5. The best of both worlds: If you have a seven-figure income to spend on luxurious accommodation, fine dining and travel, Dubai has unparalleled levels of luxury to offer to you. In the year 2016 alone, over 500 millionaires migrated to Dubai, according to a statistic in a Gulf news article. With great scope for successful investments and plenty of exciting ways to spend your cash, Dubai is a fun place to be in.

However, you do not have to be extremely economically established to live in Dubai. With everything from well maintained, low budget accommodation to medium range luxury apartments, Dubai has options for everyone. The neighboring emirate of Sharjah offers slightly cheaper rental rates, if you’re really looking to optimize your budget. Public transport, fuel costs, and a wide range of low and medium range brands, offer you innumerable options to live within your means.

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